Voting is a right not a privilage

Voting in general election is aright and not a privilege as many people may take it because election day determines the fate of the country and the persons to lead the people in the next five year, in that note politician will tend to campaign in-order to create visibility to the mass so as gather more votes by influencing peoples ideas during campaign period but its also important for youth and civil society organization to help in preaching peace during and after election as the nation do not starts and end with election, but we need one another after the election and we should live as one nation and help people understand why every vote counts the reason as why people should vote wisely
Presidential election is very important in that it needs somebody who can unite the nation,tribal free,corruption free and more so one is ready to utilize country’s resources effectively and efficiency by creating more opportunities to the minority groups especially to the youth as they are the large sub population in Kenya,in that note in 10 years from now, Kenyans will realize that female president can do much better that male president interms of development as women tend to be progressive that men but this can only happen when gender discrimination will no longer be felt in whatsoever way in all the country.

By Mourine Adem

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