After you register to vote, the voter card helps you to confirm you’re registered to vote and that your information is correct. It also contain information about where you will go to vote on Election Day.

Voter cards are small cards with a voter information.

No. Voter cards let you know that you have successfully registered to vote. They contain information for where you will vote on Election Day. Voter Cards are NOT required in order to vote.

A voter card lets you verify that your voter registration information is correct, it has the name of your polling station, which is where you will vote on Election Day.

Yes. You must be a naturally born or fully naturalized Kenyan citizen in order to register to vote.

Voter Registration deadlines vary Mass Voter Registration starts 16th January to 14th February 2017.

Yes. You need to be 18 years of age with a Kenyan ID or Passpor.

Yes. You need to show your identification Card or passport when registering as a voter and on the Election Day at the polling station.

You can learn who is running for office by checking website

You can check your voter registration status directly with through the IEBC Website

No. The only thing you need is to do is to apply.