Kenya My Mother Land by Nelson Asira Otieno

Kenya my mother land hear my cry! Where did the rain start beating us? Is this where we want to be as a nation? It is quite evident that unity eluded us somewhere and we have to look for it, Go back to the values of our National Anthem, 53 years and it is still the most powerful tool Kenyans ever possessed. The only prayer cum National Anthem. Our ancestors left us with the powerful words of this holy song. Its values clearly inscribed; love, peace, justice, prayerfulness, hard work, inclusivity, patriotism, service, thanksgiving… and I could go on and on to remind you that every word of the Anthem is sacred. Why did we stop teaching our children and the generations after us these values?
Why did we stop embracing diversity? What happened to the spirit of ‘Harambee’ when every Kenyan ‘in common bond united’ would have one voice ‘all in one accord’ and nothing would stop us to achieve our national goals on development. The war against the colonialists is a testimony. I fear we might have missed it somewhere! Blood was shed by our ancestors that we may have peace today, why fight again today? Why shed more blood today?
Hear my cry! Oh Kenya! Have we had enough of peace? Have peace concerts as many as possible, rally behind peace ambassadors and let’s pursue UNITY. We have every tool we need to campaign for peace, if we spend all our lifetime campaigning for our favorite candidates in every electioneering period when will we advocate and teach the spirit of togetherness? My sentiment is that lets heal our own wounds before we wound others the more. Teach each other the value of peace, civic education is key. Everyone has a right to vote. They need to know how to do it. Let’s preach the gospel of peace.
In addition, we have to go online and infest the network with the message of love. Why? That is where it all begins. We kill each other online before we actually actualize it physically. My stand remains as long as I live the common bond is our only hope.
Well, all is not lost! Let’s roll up our sleeves and pursue peace, peace within, peace with one another and restore ‘the glory of Kenya’ ‘a heritage of splendor’ and ‘the fruits of our labor fill every heart with thanksgiving’. Let’s endeavor to be just and fair in all we say and do for it is the beginning of Peace, love and Unity.

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