How to promote Unity in Kenya by Erick Mark

I vividly remember when Kenya’s foreign affairs minister, Amb Amina Mohammed lost being the next AU Commission. I remember the conversation on social media was between Jubilees and then Cord supporters. Those in Jubilee were sad and were trying to give reasons for her lose while those in Cord were happy. Worth noting was that she had vied as a Kenyan and her win would put Kenya into a good map internationally. I can give other examples where Kenyans have showed mixed reactions based on their tribes, political affiliation and regions. I can confidently say that we are not united as a country. Kenya is divided right in the middle.
Is it possible to unite, yes. First, let us ensure that we have free and fair processes in our country. We are heading to an election and the IEBC has the sole mandate to ensure that the elections they conduct are free and fair. If done so, our leaders will accept the results and so are the citizens and the country will unite. Both parties that are participating in the process should have confidence in IEBC.
Justice also brings about unity in a country. We need justice in all the processes that are building our country. Most importantly, our judiciary should be seen by all to be upholding justice. Justice should not be delayed nether denied.
Equitable distribution of resources brings about unity. Citizens of a country should feel and see that the national cake is being shared in an equitable way. Government jobs and other opportunities should be given based on merit and not ethnic background and loyalty. To quote President Obama on his historic visit to Kenya ‘”A young child in Nyanza Province is four times more likely to die than a child in Central Province – even though they are equal in dignity and in the eyes of God. That’s a gap that has to be closed. A girl in Rift Valley is far less likely to attend secondary school than a girl in Nairobi. That’s a gap that has to be closed.’ He was referring to the inequality in our country that brings about disunity.

Lastly, to unite, we need citizenry and patriotism. As citizens, it is our duty to uphold our national values as enshrined in our constitution. Peace, love and unity are some of the values we need to uphold. By the mere fact that a particular leader from a particular community has failed doesn’t mean the whole community should be dragged in. If each Kenyan citizen loved the other, we would be united. We cannot live apart but need one another. To make our Kenya, we need the pride of the Luos, the industry of the Kikuyus, the loyalty of the Luhyas, the perseverance of the Somalis, the hard work of the Kalenjins. We need all the 42 tribes.

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