How to promote unity by Jeffrey Omondi Kariaga

It is paramount that the existence of every single human being on the planet is respected. It is also mandatory that their goals ambitions and desires are held at a very high stature by everybody who cares to relate with them. That’s why the Bill of Rights in the Kenyan Constitution is vital.

These simple sentences can strongly be embedded in the human psyche by virtuous upbringing of the child. Children are more susceptible to learning between the ages of 0-3 as was stated repeatedly by former US President Barack Obama. It is during this age that the virtuosity of the upbringing should begin.

However, we live in an ethnically polarized Kenyan society where parents raise their children to be more trivially conscious and less human faceted. It is therefore highly important to institute a school curriculum similar but on its own way unique to the constitution of Kenya, that strictly lays out a unifying procedure of The Kenyan tribe and not the Ethic Tribe.

This will guide teachers to articulate within the education system the importance of respect for a difference of opinion and the legality of embracing each other for being different.

Only then can the teaching of unity become an hypodermic syringe injected into the mind of the citizens and lead people to reason before destruction and humanity before tribe. When the children later grown to adults, they will have mentally developed to love country and fellow citizens regardless of ethnicity or political affiliation.

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